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The Love Study

von Kris Ripper

The Love Study (Unabridged) von Kris Ripper

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Declan has commitment issues. He's been an office temp for literally years now, and his friends delight in telling people that he left his last boyfriend at the altar.And that's all true. But he's starting to think that maybe it's time to start working on his issues.When Declan meets Sidney-a popular nonbinary YouTuber with an advice show-an opportunity presents itself: as part of The Love Study, Declan will go on a series of dates arranged by Sidney and report back on how the date went in the next episode.The dates are...sort of blah. It's not Sidney's fault; the folks participating are (mostly) great people, but there's no chemistry there. Maybe Declan is just broken.Or maybe the problem is that the only person he's feeling chemistry with is Sidney.


The Love StudyFictionNovelContemporary FictionLiteratureLiterary FictionKris RipperPete CrossRomanceComedy

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